We have always been committed to ensuring that our products meet the highest quality standards. 

Our supply chain starts with the choice of raw materials of the highest quality, passing through product quality and safety checks. 

We want our consumers to find in Gio’Style an ally in everyday life. 

We are certified ISO 9001: 2015 ISO 14001: 2015 And FSC


Giostyle considers customer satisfaction and respect for the environment key elements of its entrepreneurial strategy for this reason, deep maximum commitment to achieve customer satisfaction by continuously demonstrating its ability to provide products that meet the following requirements: contractual ones with the customer , those deriving from the constant commitment to prevent any potential danger or accident that could damage the environment.

Giostyle optimizes the organization of work management and guarantees constant supervision of processes (including those in outsourcing). This choice derives, in addition to the company will, from the constant need to build a profound technical and professional dialogue on the entire production chain from the supplier to the customer and in general to the interested parties in the context in which Giostyle operates.

Giostyle, in line with the international growth trend of FSC® certification, has decided to adhere to the STD FSC-STD-40-004 V3-0, FSC-STD-40-003 V2-1 and FSC-STD-50- standards. 001 V2-0. FSC® certification represents: a responsible choice, a solution to differentiate yourself from the competition, the possibility of establishing a relationship of greater loyalty with customers and opening up to new outlets on the market. Certification, in fact, can be a lever that, if well managed, can “overturn” the attention of environmental protection to the final customer who will benefit from a “green” image.

In defining this policy and in its subsequent application and dissemination, Giostyle takes into account the activity carried out and the company size, the nature and results of the risk analysis carried out in the production and environmental fields.

The policy has therefore materialized through the implementation of an INTEGRATED QUALITY and ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (called SGI) in compliance with the UNI ISO 9001: 2015 and 14001: 2015 standards regarding all the design and manufacture of articles in material plastic, articles for the home and free time and refrigerated thermoelectric containers with own and customer’s brands and molding of technical articles in plastic material for third parties.

The Management undertakes to sensitize the behavior of all interested parties who are directly or indirectly involved in the company activity regarding the prevention of pollution and respect for the environment while ensuring customer satisfaction and in general stakeholders.

Giostyle through the adoption of an SGI has the ambitious goal of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency in the management of business processes, through the identification of strategic, operational and innovative solutions, with a management logic in which satisfaction of the customer is at the center of the company’s attention and environmental policies are no longer “cost centers”, but “profit centers”.

In this perspective, the main objectives of the SGI recognized by the company are:

  • the satisfaction of the final customer which is the result of the value of the Company’s people, of the company processes and of the technologies and internal know-how aimed at maximizing the quality of the products; therefore the effort of the whole company must be concentrated in the search for the improvement of the processes, of the choices to give products in line with the needs of our final customers all over the world, of increasing quality.
  • the satisfaction of Modern Distribution which plays a fundamental role of first selection, first choice in defining the ranges to be exhibited and proposed to its customers. So distribution becomes a first level of comparison, of verification of our product, quality and proposal choices
  • the satisfaction of shareholders who are the result of a company that knows how to combine quality, safety and beneficial environmental impact, with profitability and profitability at the levels of the best investments.
  • consolidate a long-lasting collaboration relationship with all types of customers, always providing them with suitable products, compliant with internal and external specifications, laws and regulations in force;
  • Identify, quantify and manage the aspects related to the business, in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and regulations and manage them in order to keep them in line with the organizational development of the structure;
  • Integrate the quality management system with that of the environment by exploiting all possible synergies;
  • Carry out its activities in ways that include attention and responsibility towards interested parties (customers, suppliers, public bodies, population, ecosystem);
  • Continuously improve environmental performance: lower production of emissions, rationalization of energy consumption, water resources and protection of the external environment;
  • Analyze the possibility of accidents that may occur and make sure that the critical suppliers have accordingly prepared all the prevention and risk reduction measures;
  • Inform, sensitize and motivate each operator within Giostyle, through careful training so that each employee understands their responsibilities and takes them into account in carrying out their work;
  • To actively manage communication with external parties involved in the performance of the company (suppliers and customers), both of quality and of the environment;
  • Encourage our suppliers to adopt an environmental system or at least to improve their QA performance;

Giostyle also undertakes towards the interested parties to testify:

  • the company’s concrete commitment to the environment;
  • commitment to risk reduction and accident prevention;
  • the commitment to continuous improvement.
  • the commitment to comply with applicable legislation and requirements through the definition of specific procedures and instructions and the constant updating of operating activities with respect to legislation;
  • the commitment to the management of legislative changes;
  • the commitment to organize the training activity periodically and constantly;
  • the commitment to involve all workers by increasing awareness in relation to the activities relating to company processes, thus making them participate and active protagonists in the improvement of the company’s performance, whether they are in terms of quality, safety and the environment;
  • the company’s commitment to collaborate with organizations whether they are suppliers of products and / or services with active environmental policies and preferably in possession of ISO 14001 certifications and FSC® Certification where applicable, active quality policies and preferably in possession of ISO 9001 certifications
  • the commitment to plan Quality projects and goals, making them concrete annual objectives;
  • the commitment to keep this Quality Policy in line with the company reality and with the structural-organizational development through periodic review of the same.
  • the commitment to manage the application of the procedures for adhering to the FSC® Standard.

In line with the principles of the company policy set out above and on the basis of the priorities resulting from the initial analyzes in terms of Quality, Environment and Safety, Giostyle draws up an operational improvement plan by defining objectives, subject to monitoring and surveillance with established frequencies, of which it then verifies the achievement and / or any causes of deviation, at least annually during the review phase in order to continuously improve performance in terms of quality and environment.

Urgnano, 10/05/2021

Rev. 10