Gio’Style continues with its concrete commitment to the environment. Respect for the environment is a cornerstone of our corporate strategy. We use post-consumer recycled material for the production of some products and the production department uses “industry 4.0” automation which allows for better energy efficiency which translates into a lower environmental impact. These are just some of the actions implemented by Gio’Style to protect the environment.

Environmental labeling

Symbols Code Description Collection
2 PE-HD o HDPE High density polyethylene Plastic
 4 PE-LD o LDPE Low density polyethylene Plastic
5 PP Polypropylene Plastic
6 PS Polystyrene or Polystyrene Plastic
20 PAP o PCB Corrugated cardboard Paper
21 PAP Not corrugated cardboard Paper
22 PAP Paper Paper
81 C/PAP Paper and cardboard / plastic Paper
Check the provisions of your municipality